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    Beginner's Guide - (Instructor)


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    Topic Icon Beginner's Guide - (Instructor)

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:42 pm

    ( Lvl 1 - 35 )
    ( lvl 35 - 65 )
    ( lvl 65 - 80 )
    ( lvl 80 - 100 )
    ( lvl 100 - 135 )

    Instructor(Level 100-135)

    You're now level 100 and it is time for you to change your equipment to enhance your potency.

    Yes, now leveling is not your primary concern. You may have already noticed that potency determines how strong you are. But how do you improve your potency? The level of your Eudemons, the quality of your equipment, the rank of your legion, your title, and how powerful your family is all influence your overall potency.

    Of course, leveling is still very important. Cata Maze is the final place for you to train your character. Talk to the NPC Amalisi located in the Lost Land and spend 500k in gold to travel there. The Cronus Snipe Quest will also bring you additional experience points.

    You may have created your own legion, or perhaps you are assuming an important role within a legion and you are fighting hard for the honor of your legion.

    Or maybe you are the head of a family. You and your family members are taking possession of a territory in Yart Land .

    Or perhaps you are a man/woman of wisdom. You are here to solve problems and help those around you to achieve their dreams.

    Or you may be a king/queen owning castles and demanding respect from all your subjects.

    Or maybe you are a Mentor with lots of apprentices; or perhaps still you are a powerful knight. Whatever path you choose, we wish you good luck and happy hunting.

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