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    Beginner's Guide - (Beginner)


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    Topic Icon Beginner's Guide - (Beginner)

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:36 pm

    ( Lvl 1 - 35 )
    ( lvl 35 - 65 )
    ( lvl 65 - 80 )
    ( lvl 80 - 100 )
    ( lvl 100 - 135 )

    Beginner (Level 35-65)

    When you have reached level 35, you are no longer a new player and won't be protected from PK'ing. Remember that obtaining God's Blessing will be very helpful to you.

    With God's blessing, it will be easier for you to level up, raise Eudemons and earn money. Now, go kill some Lizards and reach level 40. If you pick up an unidentified item, you can visit Andrew (331,501) in the Market and identify it. Go to the Gobi Desert and kill Ghost Knights once you have reached level 40. In order to reach level 50 you should kill some Wyverns or you can level up in a new adventure zone. You can get there by paying some money to the Teleporter Helen (177,413), which will save you a lot of time.

    Return to the city when you have reached level 50. New adventures are waiting for you. Change your equipment, get some supplies, and learn some new skills (Quadruchop would be a nice choice). Do you see those cool Eudemons in the city? If you are interested in having one, you can buy it from its owner or you can buy an egg from the Gem Shop and hatch it. Just click the icon in the bottom-right corner, and choose the egg you want to buy.

    When your Eudemon reaches level 50, you can compose it with Aderers (315,448) in the Market to enhance its abilities.

    Go out of the city and click the portal in the bottom-left hand corner. You'll arrive in the Dark Marsh.

    The Dark Marsh is a cold, damp place without sunshine . It is a good place for mobs to gather. Dark Marsh is rather complicated, so it is suggested that you bring enough random portal scrolls to avoid dying. The Ghosts in the top-right corner near the portal are your first choice for leveling. When you XP is full, go and fight the Dead Knighst. At level 60, you can challenge Warlocks who are located in the top-left corner of your map. At level 54, you can learn the Flyingchop, one of the warrior's ultimate skills, but you have to complete the Skill Book quest in order to learn this skill. And when you have reached level 60, you can learn the last XP skill ¡®Star Sword' hidden in the Dark Marsh, which is another excellent skill for warriors.

    1. If there is a level number over a mob's head, the mob is a boss. Kill it and it may drop quality equipment or valuable gems.
    2. You can participate in a PK Tournament at 21:30 p.m. every Saturday. Champions will receive prizes, and all the participants will earn experience points.

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