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    Beginners' Guide - (Controller)


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    Topic Icon Beginners' Guide - (Controller)

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:41 pm

    ( Lvl 1 - 35 )
    ( lvl 35 - 65 )
    ( lvl 65 - 80 )
    ( lvl 80 - 100 )
    ( lvl 100 - 135 )

    Controller (Level 80-100)

    Icy Land is a land blanketed in snow and ice. The mobs here are even more fearsome than the impending weather. Ice Demons are located in the upper left corner iof your screen. Remember to select a Eudemon that enhances your defenses. In order to increase efficiency, you and your teammates can attack different monsters.

    As your level increases, it will take a longer time for you to attain even higher levels. But there're still some tricks, like getting an armor set, teaming up with other players, receiving double experience (God's Blessing) , taking on more apprentices, and using XP Balls to name a few.

    After the Ice Demons have been killed, you can attack Yetis and Ice Orcs (middle and bottom-left and right corners). Go to the Icy Palace via the Magicians Tinna (351,317), where you can gain bonus experience points, until reaching level 90.

    Return to Avita Island and get NPC Herman's (1017,1039) boat, which will bring you to the Volcano.

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