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For those who want to register IDs game X-EudemonZ Can Only via SMS, Because There Are Problems In Our Webhost from the Web, and this was the format of X-EudemonZ Registration ID :
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Send to : 02191754854
*Expected ID And Password Using Lowercase to avoid Stuck In As Log-in.

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    Post by >(Hahe)< on Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:11 pm

    hahaha... ne mendingan jnagn punya legion dulu biar taupotensi kalain seberapa besar... #29 dari pada masuk CAPUCINO yg ngomongna is the best... dan ReborN yg tulis bakal kasi pangkaat... mendingan usaha sendiri tanap legion,... ok teman"

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    biar keliuatan cool #33 HARUS BERJUANG SENDIRI [wow]kwokwow[/wow]

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